Exclusive Look at Star Wars™ | Vera Bradley

Your destiny starts here! Get behind-the-scenes looks, special sneak peeks and all the advance launch details of Star Wars | Vera Bradley.

Star Wars | Vera Bradley has arrived!

Step Into the Photo Studio

Our photo crew created a galactic look — right here in our studio!

Star Wars | Ver Bradley photo studio crew with set design
Star Wars | Vera Bradley neon pink lighting used on set for collaboration shoot

Pink lighting for our own unique VB look!

Star Wars | Vera Bradley photo studio set with rocky backdrop drop

Rock wall (made from styrofoam!) assembled on set

Star Wars | Vera Bradley fog shown used on set to recreate realistic sceness

Fog machine for extra special effects

Save the Date

We’re giving you an exclusive sneak peek at the patterns coming to a galaxy near you Wednesday, May 4!

Far, Far Away pattern

Far, Far Away

Recycled Cotton

Far, Far Away Light vs. Dark pattern swatch

Far, Far Away Light vs. Dark

Recycled Cotton

Far, Far Away Medallion pattern swatch

Far, Far Away Medallion


Iconic moments from your favorite scenes

Design Insight

Transmissions we’ve intercepted around the office indicate you can expect ...

Light Side

Exciting things are in store for every fan — no matter which side you're on! Rebel details are all around.

Dark Side

Imperial signs are integrated, too. Think TIE Fighters, the Death Star™ and a certain iconic evil villain.

Pattern Preview

Take a look at what you can expect from Star Wars | Vera Bradley — and be sure to check back for updates as we approach our official launch date!


We couldn't create a collection together without featuring one of the galaxy's most beloved characters! Well-known Wookiee™, daring rebel and loyal co-pilot, Chewbacca has a permanent place in our hearts (and a feature in our patterns!) because of his lifetime loyalty to his friends. "Rrooaarrgghh!"


The very best kind of friends are those that are always ready for any adventure. The exemplar? Reliable and tactical R2-D2! The brave astromech droid has helped save the galaxy with an extensive array of gadgets and an unwavering dedication to the Rebel Alliance.


Originally programmed to relay protocol, C-3PO was built by Anakin Skywalker™. An expert on etiquette and a clever resource, C-3PO knows more than seven million forms of communication! Rebels have benefited from his know-how (and worries) through many a battle.

Princess Leia™

Princess Leia™

Wondering whether you'll be able to see one of the Rebel Alliance's greatest leaders? Have no fear — we can confirm that Princess Leia plays a huge role in our design direction! Dedicated and driven, Princess Leia's achievements as well as her trust in her friends serve as unforgettable lessons. 

Han Solo™

Han Solo™

Rebel risk-taker Han Solo is all about facing challenges and daring to do something greater. After a tumultuous childhood on Corellia, a stint in smuggling and a short service to the Imperial Navy, Han Solo (along with Chewie!) became the iconic captain of the Millennium Falcon™.



Life's greatest teacher is experience ... but second place probably goes to Yoda. Jedi trainer for over 800 years and wise mentor to Luke Skywalker, Yoda's connection with the Force provides invaluable insights and proves him to be one of the galaxy's most influential instructors.

Your Destiny Starts Here!

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