Recycled Cotton

Eco-friendly, machine-washable, soft, comfortable, vibrant — there are so many reasons why the Recycled Cotton Collection has our hearts! Find iconic quilted patterns and standout solids, all
consciously crafted with reclaimed fibers.

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Recycled Cotton bags shown in pastel plaid, lavender petal and solid Navy.

Glenna Satchel

in Recycled Cotton

Vera Tote Bag

in Recycled Cotton

Campus Backpack

in Recycled Cotton

Sourced Sustainably

We spent years researching and designing to get our recycled cotton just right!

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1 We source primarily from excess raw materials and pre-consumer scraps. 2 The reclaimed fabric is cleaned and blended with conventional cotton, then re-spun into new yarn. 3 Still made from 100% cotton, recycled cotton is just as soft as ever!

Making an Impact

We're giving discarded materials new life while using as few environmental resources as possible.

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43% improvement in water scarcity  by using recycled cotton   13% reduction in global warming impact  by using recycled cotton   Measured using the Higg Materials Sustainability Index V3.1 developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition.
Standout solid styles are here. (All made from recycled cotton, too!)

Campus Backpack

in Recycled Cotton
The Fabric of Our Lives®  Colorful cotton has practically become synonymous with Vera Bradley. We made our first bags from it in 1982 and have loved it ever since for its natural properties that can't be replicated. Recycled Cotton Lightweight Washable Co


At Vera Bradley, we are consciously re-imagining our designs, our materials and how our products are made, with a goal of updating 100% of our fabrics to more sustainable alternatives by 2025.

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