Vera Bradley + NEW HOPE GIRLS comes in bags and accessories which all benefit the cause.

A Beautiful Purpose

Our commitment to empowering women worldwide led us to the Dominican Republic, where we've worked with New Hope Girls for more than five years to support their mission of providing rescue, refuge and restoration to girls and women arising from the darkest and most difficult places.

"I am a single mother of three. I have peace now knowing my kids are safe. I am passionate about creating these bags that provide rescue and protect girls."  — Altagracia
Works of Heart! Lady hugging a child on playground

Works of Heart

We partnered with New Hope Girls once again to celebrate International Women's Day (and their tenth birthday) by launching four exclusive, limited-edition designs. 75% of the purchase price directly supports New Hope Girls' important work.

Created for More

In 2016, we were able to help New Hope Girls build its own workshop in the Dominican Republic. It has since become a sacred space for women to grow as artisans and individuals.

Before Ana Silvia became part of the workshop, she longed for a safe and healthy place to work. Since joining the workshop, she has been welcomed into a community with a mission and purpose. Ana Silvia believes each woman in the workshop is a world change
Wanda is an overcomer who persistently cares for and encourages the other women in the workshop. She believes that every bag sold is one step closer to victory for each and every life that New Hope Girls touches.
Josi inspires those around her by singing and laughing as she works, fully aware of the gifts of her sewing machine. 
Every day she is thankful for the opportunity to support the mission of offering light to girls from the darkest of places, while providi
Before joining the New Hope Girls workshop, Mella had no previous sewing experience. But she has dedicated herself to her craft and is now able to provide for her daughter with honor. She dreams that those still waiting for their rescue will experience th
Angie is an overcomer who knows what it’s like to grow up in dark and difficult places. She shares that her healing came through New Hope Girls and now she is committed to using her life to help others. She believes that the most important part of her wor
Luchy longed for work that was free from fear and full of hope, a place of peace and healing where she could use her gifts to helps others. At New Hope Girls, she uses her role to provide refuge for girls and support them on their path to healing.
Altagracia learned her craft at the New Hope Girls workshop. She is passionate about providing refuge and protection for girls. As a young single mom, her work allows her the peace of knowing she can provide for her children.
Viviana always hoped to work somewhere she was valued and respected. The workshop at New Hope Girls has been a place of healing for her as she sees the beauty created by her own hands. She says she is now living out her dream.
Fabiola's superpower is perseverance. She chooses to dedicate each day to all that is good, to allow her heart to hope and to serve others through what she calls the greater purpose of her life, which she found with New Hope Girls.
For Johanna, her work provides her with the safety, freedom and economic stability she has always craved. She loves feeling a bond with the rescue and refuge work of New Hope Girls, and longs to be an example and provider to her children.
Everything we go through has a purpose — this belief drives Moraima, who is honored to be a part of the work at New Hope Girls. She is committed to creating quality bags to serve as a reminder that all of us are created for more.
“Who would have thought that a bag would be a way to answer the cry of the oppressed?"  — Joy Reyes, founder of New Hope Girls
New Hope Girls bags in a variety of patterns, colors and sizes. Made by women to support women.


As a company, we are committed to supporting women and children nationwide and around the world.