Diversity & Inclusion

At Vera Bradley, we believe we are truly better together. Each of us has something to add — a passion, a spark, a perspective — that makes our community so incredibly vibrant. We are committed to making the world a brighter, more inclusive place for all.

Project Quilt

Established in 2020, the mission of Project Quilt is “to enhance and celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion throughout our company and in each of the communities we serve.” This associate-led and executive-backed corporate initiative is tracking progress within three key areas of impact: our associates, our customers and our community.

Associate Commitments

We are working to build a more inclusive company environment and culture for all associates through targeted initiatives in hiring, education, communication, career development and celebration.

Customer Connection

We are creating better connections with multicultural audiences by developing new product inclusion strategies, representing diverse voices in our marketing and improving customer experiences in store and online.

Community Outreach

We are expanding outreach to new partners in the communities where our associates and customer live and work, including being a founding investing member of the United Front in our hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

“Celebrating and supporting diversity and inclusion not only strengthens our community, it drives business growth and transformation.”  — Jackie Ardrey, CEO of VRA Inc.

Partners & Programs