School, Travel and Small Backpacks

Shop innovative designs for every stop in your schedule! The latest styles from our Spring 2023 Collection are here to make your day a little easier and happier.

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No need to work in an extra day at the gym, these backpacks are designed to keep your back in action.

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XL Campus Backpack

in Signature Cotton

XL Campus Backpack

Generously sized, extra padding in the back and shoulders and recently redesigned to accommodate a woman's shape — perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle.

● Trolley Sleeve
● Laptop Compartment
● Adjustable Chest Strap Buckle
● ACA Endorsed

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Large Travel Backpack

One of the newer members of our backpack family. You'll love the easy-packing functionality that an extra wide unzip provides. 

● Trolley Sleeve
● Laptop Compartment
● Compression Straps for Easy Packing

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Sustainable Backpacks

If selecting a new style that uses recycled materials makes you feel good, look no further!

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XL Campus Backpack

in Signature Cotton


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