Welcome new styles into your space with our collection of home décor. We've curated an assortment sure to brighten any room, including blankets, pillows, kitchen and dining essentials and more!

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Vera Bradley new Prairie Paisley and Happy Blooms patterned throw blankets

Cozy Comforts

Stay warm on cool mornings and campfire nights.

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Vera Bradley throw pillows in Jave White, Sunflowers and Patriotic Plaid patterns on wicker sofa.

Pattern Pops

Add an element of style to any space.

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Vera Bradley's Content Creator Danna sitting on new Patriotic beach towel

Fan-Favorite Towels

Explore essentials for the beach, pool or backyard sprinkler.

Vera Bradley Tableware shown as Acrylic patterned cups, plates and cloth napkins

Tabletop Finds

See vibrant napkins, placemats, dinnerware and drinkware.

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Napkin Set of 4

in Recycled Cotton